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The concept of this song is: always stay true to yourself and great mind's think a like.


Top Of The World ©GXWMG


*I stand on top of the world, my life is a reality and this is on a fantasy world*

Mental Grafik Verse

The earth is like a beautiful symphony
Even when mother gaia not that into me
Friends become enemies And only pretend to be
I read body energy the love and who ev me

and stay in a constant state of tranquility
Cause I, been through the storm like Stevie
And I often Wonder about my friends and family
And can I trust them with my whole being trufully

Searchin for the meaning mind state change like the 4 season dig it
To avoid the 7 sins (we all connected through one conscience)
The truth is spoken through silence ur souls the canvas
my words the acrylic it's mental grafik so I know u feel it

it's translucent the rhyme lucid The Human Ethnic Movement
it's more than music we all connected
coming together as one taking back the planet


*I stand on top of the world, my life is a reality and this is on a fantasy world*

Mental Grafik Verse (2nd 1/2 )

The former crew had a bunch of haters and non believers
But I'm a back packer natural born leader and now we international
And this the next chapter from here to Grenada
Me and ex machina can't forget billy copper

Transmitting from the future behold the pale horse b4 they shoot ya
We Universal soldiers like jean Claude One step ahead of ya'll join the force or die off like Neanderthals

eX Verse ( 2nd ½ )

... Like Neanderthals...
Intelligence and craft
No residential rap
eX and Mental Graf was sent to set ya'll ass on fire
Supply your supplemental facts to bump your mental capacity

An estimate of exactly who eX Mach is?
A celestial being trapped in a human package
Looking for all those who look like me
And making sure that the Lord knows I'm hooked on beats
So let's go


eX Verse 2

I could see the atmosphere from way up here
It may appear that we're on top of the World
Looking down on a flock of birds flying south for the winter
I'm sharper that what you heard, it's like my mouth's full of splinters

T.H.E.M boy dem winners,
T.H.E.Movement of culture
We're on top of the World like the moon's infrastructure

I'm trying to make it past the naked past when they would laugh
But now I'm taken back with Mental Graf to prove them wrong

The Hue-Man Ethnic Movement keeps moving on
Heading to the top of the World like a fuselage
Don't got to pledge my allegiance, who are ya'll?
I'm true to God.

Don't confuse the voices!
The humane choice is clear!
We're the cure the poison being fed to your ear!
T.H.E.Movement is approaching earth better go
Grab your headphones and telescopes
Cause we're on top!


from Blue Theory, released January 15, 2016
Written By: Calen Appollo, Hervin Hood, Michael Charlton
Produced By: Hervin Hood



all rights reserved


The Hue-man Ethnic Movement New York, New York

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