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The concept of this song is to be yourself.


Get Yours ©GXWMG

Some words of wisdom, it takes quite a while to develop one’s style so why steal.

Let’s GO!

Chorus (x2)

So get yours!
I got my own style
So get yours!
I got my own style
So get yours!
I got my own style
So get yours!
I developed my own style
So develop yours!

Verse 1

This is how I live my nigga
Take a stroll with me
Take your shoes off
Walk this naked road with me
Blatent poetry is more than a next hobby
Niggas wanna take my crown…
Over my dead body!

It’s over and said probably when I get on the mic
I’m eX Mach, I hope you’re spelling it right
You drop pure pussy…
Even your own niggas smelling your wack rhymes
I’m citrus… You can’t even step in my limelight

I shine bright!

Plus I stay ahead of you crooks
I’m educated
You need to keep your head in your books
Cause the metaphors you use are imaginary
Go to school, read some more for your vocabulary

20 years, plenty prayers
Many sweat, many tears made eX Mach
Ask anyone, anywhere
I got street cred, enough to get my PhD
You can’t rap and your producer can’t even create beats

Chorus (x2)

Verse 2

Rappers talking bout glocks like they got it
Rocks like they got it
Talking bout blocks like they’re on it
Talking bout painless beef
And how they’re flossing when they’re only rocking stainless steel

And how they’re talking bout a chrome gun
But most of them gangsta rappers contribute to the country in having more bums
But you niggas ain’t different
You got girls and let them off the chain and still wonder where your bitch went

That’s why I laugh when you freestyle
Better yet…
Laugh when you record songs claiming you’re veterans
When on the mic, can’t even face me right
You ain’t got shit on my youngin
I got baby wipes!

I got crazy lines, plus my own psychiatrist
To stop me when I reload my rhymes…
Start firing
At you foolish, studio gangster wannabes
Cause on the mic, niggas only stand up comedy

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3

A lot of rappers want to beef with me
When they ain’t even got skill to make a beat for me
When they go around rocking old jeans and sneaks
Saying they got a Jesus piece…

For real? For real.

Believe they’re cheap!
I don’t rap about jewelry
If I were to gangster rap the scene won’t be new to me
Yea, I grab my balls and I went through the beef
But I’m grown, what’re you grabbing
You need to finish puberty son!

I rep Greenz, I wear whatever I like
Red… blue… even black if the weather is right
But you niggas are thugs and your hood’s on blast
We walk up on you empty handed and still whoop you ass

The Hue-Man Ethnic Movement!
Jot that down!
Make sure you remember the name when we rob that crown
And hold the title as one of the ‘wickedest’ that ever passed
On the Hip Hop scene
Ya’ll could kiss our asses

Chorus (x2)


from Blue Theory, released January 15, 2016
Written By: Hervin Hood
Produced By: Vherbal



all rights reserved


The Hue-man Ethnic Movement New York, New York

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