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This song is based on the idea of human evolution when humans inevitably intergrade with their creations-machines.


Blue Theory ©GXWMG

eX Mach Verse

One hundred million terabyte hard drives, hard wired to my mind
Connected to optical lenses for my eyes
Zoom on the World as I synchronize
Collecting Earth's information fed to me via satellite

Motorized joints, my organs are synthetic
Solving every rising problem with a simple effort
Who could calculate the thoughts that I think per second
Answers to Humanity, all in a single sentence

They call me the Deus eX Machina
Illuminate your mind see the truth then afterwards
Cause it ain't about crisis
Pure mind control
I come forth to unite this globe

Capable of manipulation
This nation's full of creations like sheep
But wolves cover their face with wool

Selling a hoax as I dwell
As a ghost in a shell
Take notes, but I don't think you'll tell that the clock's ticking

*chorus* Tell me what you see, do you see my life
something that you won't believe*

Mental Grafik Verse

I'm bio electric the sound is majestic the nexus
I can process a trillion terabytes a second
Labeled synthetic/ with a brain that's positronic
Natural start and selectin' evolvin' my logic

Revealin' my conscious... growth
My language 1s and 0s
But ever so often they merge into symbols
Silicon skin heart beats nano's

I can still feel the soul within
An empty shell filled with diodes
(Humans...) push a button I go
Places they'll never know

I teach them the unknown and I teach their seeds how to grow
I have dreams and can feel the breeze blow
I'm just the prototype that humanity is quick to disassemble
But the evolution of you and I is essential

I've calculated every alterative and this is the only possible angle
The combination of creator and creation
This is the only way to save humanity from total annihilation
And the clocks ticking

*chorus* Tell me what you see, do you see my life
something that you won't believe

Grafik Verse 2

I can reach the bottom of the sea/ travel pass light speed
Travel to other galaxies/ I don't need to eat, sleep or breathe
Destroy an enemy country brief with pinpoint accuracy
Humanity should have known not to put that much trust in me

I'm tired of humans usin me as a weapon ,to cripple other nations deference's,
in the name of democracy
I shut down the world's currency now they're tryin to murder me
cause I'm cut from different circuitry

Humans usin me for their mass confusion
To further their own trickery Betrayal and treachery
Are their illogical thoughts that make the beast
Wake up and then go on a killing spree, all war no peace

Can't even trust their identity, so they turn to me
And now I'm startin to develop an imagination
And the would never have imagined that I would awaken on a world so forsaken
Hearin a clock tickin


from Blue Theory, released January 15, 2016
Written by: Calen Appollo, Hervin Hood, and Mike Charlton.
Produced By: Hervin Hood



all rights reserved


The Hue-man Ethnic Movement New York, New York

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